• Aviation is our motivation so we made it our business
  • EN9120 certificate for component repair/overhaul management.
  • BEL-AIR acquired Vietnam Airlines' entire ATR72/PW124 inventories
  • Bel-Air Express has opened a Representative office in Miami
  • Now available P/N: FE159-5-007 and FE201-6-002
  • Bel-Air is looking for an ATR42/72 to tear down purposes
  • BEL-AIR acquired LAO Airlines' entire ATR72/PW124 inventories
  • BEL-AIR is now ISO EN9120:2006 and 9001:2000 Certified
  • Join our Linkedin group: ATR42 | ATR72 - Aviation Support Center
  • BEL-AIR EXPRESS - Because every Part counts
  • Bel-Air Express - Aerospace Solution Provider
  • Bel-Air looking for inventory to purchase in ANY Cond.
  • BEL-AIR EXPRESS probably the most dedicated ATR supplier
  • BEL-AIR acquired Thai Airways' entire ATR42/PW121 inventories
  • ATR42/72 Aerazur Air Intakes and Ducts Available.
  • Now available P/N 8260-123 and 20032-2 MFG by Thales.
  • Bel-Air is willing to pay for any info leading to the purchase spares.
  • Join our Linkedin group: ATR42 | ATR72 - Aviation Support Center
  • BEL-AIR EXPRESS - Because every Part is different
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About Bel-Air:
Founded in 1992, Bel-Air is dedicated to the provisioning of aircraft spares support for commuter/regional aircraft operators throughout the world. Since then, the company has developed as specialists in the area of purchasing, overhauls and logistical support.


  • Experience - in all facets of Commuter air transport industry support. 
  • Full spectrum service - both material sales & component repair services. 
  • Quick response time - enabling Bel-Air to meet your A.O.G; and Critical, delivery requirements. 
  • Connections - close relationships with Airframe manufacturers, OEM’s, Repair station and Airlines. 
  • Expert sales staff - dedicated to supporting the needs of our customers. 
  • Honesty and integrity - the company maintains the highest level of professionalism and ethical standards in our daily routine.

General Information and accreditation: 
  • Duns #: 89-628-4213 
  • ISO 9001 : 2000 
  • ISO EN9120 for Aeronautical Component repair/overhaul management
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