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Bel-Air Express - Probably the most dedicated ATR supplier

Company Profile

Founded in 1997, Bel-Air is dedicated to the provisioning of aircraft spares support for ATR operators throughout the world. Since then, the company has developed as specialists in the area of purchasing, overhauls and logistical support.
French Aircraft, French Supplier, Bel-Air Express

Our Vision

To supply efficient and dynamic support in terms parts around our DNA Aircraft: ATR. A French company embracing International culture which highly valuing multicultural and multitask team work. Sharing data with the ATR community worldwide while building and increasing our network of ATR suppliers and customers. 

Our Mission

Bel-Air is committed to earning and maintaining each customer's trust and loyalty by supplying Creative ATR supply chain and quality parts.

ATR it's our DNA, it’s our focused since 1997 and we will keep it that way for years to come.

We are dedicated to expanding the ATR community and network through sharing knowledge and personal contact. 

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Our services cover the complete range of logistical support including:
Purchasing, Repairing, Expediting, Consolidating, Exporting and Importing of ATR Spares, Engine spares, Accessories and Avionics.

French Aircraft, French Supplier, Bel-Air Express

Material sales

With the company's state-of-the-art, integrated information system, customers have instant access to our inventories. Additionally, the company accepts consignments of high-quality, traceable surplus inventory from airlines throughout the world.

An ATR Parts alliance member


If a customer requests a part that is not in stock, Bel-Air Express has the infrastructure and expertise to locate and procure the component quickly. The company's ability to find the exact part its customers need makes Bel-Air Express the ideal single source for all parts procurement needs.

Bel-Air Express continuously investing in ATR 600 family key parts.

Repair management services

Bel-Air Express has developed an extensive network of high-quality overhaul and repair sources, which meet the highest quality standards. Services to oversee and manage the repair processes of customer inventories are also available.

Parts Exchanges & Loans

Exchange and loans programs of rotables, engine parts and tooling are custom-tailored to the needs of individual customers. Programs are in development to support major LRU requirements.


Staying competitive in the air transportation industry requires that you do business with high - caliber companies based on management systems of the highest quality.One widely recognized measure of quality is ISO 9001 certification.

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